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Exotic Zebrawood 16 3/8 x 10 1/8 x 1 1/4″


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This board has zebrawood patterns with walnut accents.  Zoom in and take a look at the bookmatched endgrain patterns -they are crazy fun.  It’s photographed on the music stand of the grand piano. The board is finished with hot beeswax with a small amount of mineral oil added, and then buffed smooth, which captures a golden tone in the smooth surface.  The beeswax and  mineral oil are tasteless and non-toxic and anti-bacterial.  Mineral oil alone is fine for many types of wood, but tends to darken zebrawood more than I like.

This board has “handles” built in all around, like all my cutting boards.  It will stand on it’s side or ends, which makes it easier to store and helps it to dry after being cleaned, and both surfaces can be used for cutting.



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