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Hexagon Interlocking 3D cubes 16.5″ x 1.5″ end grain


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This 3D cutting board design includes Hard Maple, Cherry, and Walnut (from light to dark) wood.  It is finished with the mineral oil + beeswax solution, to preserve the board.  End grain helps to keep your knives from dulling, and gives longer life to the board itself.  To repair any knife marks in the board, use mineral oil profusely on the surface of the board, letting it soak in to swell the grain and close the wound!  Then just 4wipe off the excess mineral oil.  The groove around the outside edge of the board creates the handle around the entire outside perimeter — It’s easy to pick up!  And it will stand on its edge when you need it to.   oh….16.5″ is the length from one point to the opposite point. the dimension from one flat side to the other is 13.5″


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